Our engineers and technicians using the highest quality equipment in the world, fail to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers in order to constantly introduce the modification of old or brand new equipment and ensure reliable operation of their live performance in difficult conditions. His works have a ton of different cultural and artistic events, which realized almost all over the world. The huge amount of knowledge and experience make it reliably execute new challenges. We specialize in creating and presenting unique laser shows - ranging from small laser show (indoor) to complex large open-air events where laser technology interacts with water curtains, sky canonami, scanners, and pyrotechnics. In addition to the fascinating show using the latest generation of lasers, prepare the event and venty, combining media such as video projectors (3D mapping) combining everything into one overall concept. We are also able to integrate the show through appropriate bodies synchronizing all devices known lighting technology, to create a fascinating and breathtaking multimedia presentation "Light and Sound"

    The 2nd Edition of the European Laser Show Festival will take place in the city of the Cap d'Agde (south of France - close to Monptellier) from the 23 to June 26, 2004. Leading European laser companies will present their shows. Laserforum (the Netherlands), LM Productions (United Kingdom), HW Lasertechnik (Germany), Laser Entertainment (Italy), Global Laser Systeme (Austria), Laser System Europe (Belgium), LPI (France), Omicron (Poland) and Art Screen Multimedia (Russia) will be joining the festival 2004. In 2002, 15 000 people watched the shows at the Bay of St. Tropez. In 2005 there will be a World Cup Laser Show with companies coming from all over the world.
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