Omicron, was established in 1996. It`s one of the leading European companies, a unique inspirational art show in the field of laser technology. Omicron specializes in the preparation of presentations characterized by high quality and attractiveness, earning the recognition of a wide range of customers. Omicron employs a skilled active workforce, which through a huge commitment and ingenuity achieves its artistic ambitions, creating a highly efficient laser show. Our open-air performances accumulating a hundred-thousandth of the audience (at the same time). As  a result of our actions were invited to participate and represent the largest International Laser Festival Performer at the "EUROPEAN LASER FESTIVAL", held in Le Cap d'Agde - South of France:
                                                                                         We invite all who are not indifferent to the provision of services at the highest level.

                                                                                                                                                                             Omicron team


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